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Professionalism - The competence or skill expected of a professional.

T & J Constructions deliver infrastructure projects that improve the community, improve local sustainability, reduce the risks to communities and improve our way of life. High quality and exceptional delivery on all our projects is paramount to our success. T & J Constructions achieve success through innovation, communication, inclusion and education. T & J Constructions make a difference, come and be part of our success.


Our people, our success;

Turning conventional industry practice on its head, T & J Constructions have built a team of highly skilled and experienced permanent staff. Find the best and retain the best! Our employment criteria centres around aptitude and ethics which sees us build strong teams focussed on delivery in a safe environment. In an industry where staff turnover is typically high; we believe that this is what sets us apart from the rest. As part of our commitment to building better teams and providing opportunities to the next generation we are involved in school apprenticeships, local community employment opportunities, and rehabilitation programs.


Systems supporting success;

Supporting our staff in the latest in plant technology. Our fleet credentials improve efficiency, reduce downtime, reduce emissions and improve safety. Our project management system begins with our quote submission and ends with our client feedback assessment once the job is complete.  We manage all our projects through an integrated approach to safety, quality and environment.



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