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T & J Constructions have a range of implements and equipment that we can use to break out rock, profile out pavements and bore holes. T & J Constructions have rock breaking percussive hammers to suit all class of excavators from 5t to 30t. These hammers can be used to break out rock, pits and concrete foundations saving considerable time and allowing for precision excavation in rock.


T & J Construction have an excavated mounted auger with bits ranging in size from 300mm to 1200mm. With the supplied extensions T & J Constructions’ auger can drill holes up to 6m deep. The auger is used for footings, foundations, piles and dewatering spears. Changing direction and going horizontal, T & J Constructions partner to drill under roads, railways and any other infrastructure requiring service installation with minimal above ground impact. In fact, if you need a circular hole, T & J Constructions can bore it.


When it comes to profiling pavements T & J Constructions has it covered with everything from skid steer mounted profilers through to large contact plant able to work at an incredible 1200m3 an hour for bigger road reconstruction works.

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