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• Environmental control measures such as:

   * Areas to be protected are cordoned off/marked.

   * Silt fences/barriers to control run off, stream contamination etc.

   * Watering of stockpiles etc. to reduce dust.

   * Noise suppression devices fitted to plant/equipment.

   * Bunding off refueling areas etc.

   * Bins provided for appropriate disposal of waste are implemented and


   * Spill kits available at all sites for

      use in the event that an

      accident occurs.

T & J Constructions Pty Ltd recognises that the company has a responsibility to protect the environment by using sustainable practices. T & J Constructions Pty Ltd will contribute to effective environmental management through education and awareness. Our processes continue to ensure impact to the local flora and fauna is minimised.




Our ongoing success protecting the environment is dependent on the total commitment and co-operation of all employees and is embedded in company procedures and manuals. T & J Constructions Pty Ltd works with our partnering stakeholders to ensure they understand and share our commitment.

T & J Constructions is accredited to ISO AS/NZS 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System.


To achieve this goal, T & J Constructions Pty Ltd is committed to:

• Comply with all environmental legislation, formal agreements and relevant

   industry standards.

• Integrate environmental management systems within existing business systems

• Ensure that environmental impacts are considered in the planning, design,

   construction and operation of our work.

• Work within a framework of sustainable development by using resources in a

   manner which maximises their value to the community and to future


• Employees and subcontractors are made fully aware of their responsibilities and

   the relevant regulatory requirements and are encouraged to participate in the

   process of developing and improving environmentally friendly work procedures.

• Educate our employees and subcontractors, ensuring the requirements for

   environmental responsibility are integrated into work practices, training,

   decision making and is included in performance assessment.

• Work operations are adequately planned to ensure that all risks have been

   addressed and prior to commencement control measures are put in place to

   minimise hazards.

• Communicate openly and constructively with our employees, clients and the

   wider community about our environmental practices.

• Work procedures are developed that minimize environmental disruption and

   training/instruction is provided to employees and subcontractors when