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Productivity is driven through efficiency and technology at T & J Constructions. We have a fleet of late model high end plant which ensure low emissions, high level of employee satisfaction, decreased down time and the highest level of Safety.


T & J Constructions have a fleet of late model, high performance plant and equipment. T & J Constructions purchase all plant items outright in accordance with our plant procurement plan. A full analysis of the key performance indicators such as safety, emissions, performance, breakout ability, compactive strength, reach, fuel efficiency, NCAP rating, servicing and warranty is conducted on each type of plant item prior to the purchase. Even the work utes are assessed in this manner.


T & J Constructions only buy high end machines which provide comfort for our operators, long service life, and low emissions. Having a fleet of near new, top of the range machines which are well maintained makes us an employer of choice for good operators who enjoy working with the best equipment. As a company we see the benefits of increased productivity, reduced down time, longer service life and better resale values.


T & J Constructions can view the operations of our machines in real time from the office. All our large construction equipment (right down to the 5t excavators) has GPS location, load, idle and tracking monitoring including remote service and troubleshooting indicators.



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